About the Exhibition

Agrovision, organized biannually, is one of the largest agricultural machinery and croping technology exhibition in Lithuania for agricultural business professionals. It is a live exhibition, where varieties of agricultural crops are cultivated outdoors in open-air conditions, and tractors, drills, self-propelled sprayers and other powerful agricultural machinery is displayed. The exhibition presents the latest achievements of Lithuanian and foreign scientists, state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and topical agricultural topics.


    We are pleased to present the top representatives of agriculture and other services and professionals you can see and hear in Agrovision.


    The organizers, sponsors and participants of the exhibition invite visitors to seminars and events.

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    Visitor tickets

    Electronic exhibition tickets can be purchased online today or on exhibition days at the entrance. Electronic tickets are activated at the entrance. An activated electronic ticket or a ticket stub is valid for one day of the exhibition.

    Unused tickets, pre-purchased online or at the entrance, can be exchanged for the next day’s tickets at the box office.

    Entrance for children under 14 accompanied by adults is free.


    It is a tradition to meet at Agrovision exhibition in Dotnuva fields at the end of June.

    On behalf of the organizers we inform all regular and future exhibitors and visitors

    that this year we are collecting new ideas, exploring innovations and

    we invite you to Agrovision, which is reviving with fresh energy in 2019.


    We look forward to your arrival on June 26-28.

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    Traditionally, Agrovision takes place at the end of June in Kėdainiai district. Dotnuva area, near Akademija town.