"Agrovizija 2015" akimirkos

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Agrovision is an open-air agricultural exhibition of plant protection products, fertilizers, plant varieties, machinery and other supplies to the agricultural farms and entities. Agrochemical and seed companies arrange demonstration plots where they exhibit the efficacy of their products and/or advantages of varieties in real conditions of growth.

Number of participants and visitors are constantly growing. During the anniversary of exhibition in 2015 the event has attracted over 9000 farmers. This year we are expecting even more.

Exhibition Agrovision will be located in the fields of the Institute of Agriculture (Akademija, Dotnuva, Kedainiai district). It will be held on 28th - 30th of June.


June 28th |10 - 17 
June 29th | 9 - 17 
June 30th | 9 - 16 



Tickets will be sold for exhibition on 28th - 30th June (2017) at the box offices next to the entrances

Ticket price for one day - 5 EUR.


Akademija, Dotnuva, KÄ—dainiai district, Lithuania

Place of Exhibition